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About us

We have been connecting consumers with fresh-from-the-field flowers since 1985. It's no wonder that Flowers Dubai.net has led the industry in providing a 7 day freshness guarantee on each and every order. Here's why:

we are using strict quality controls to ensure that the arrangements of flowers arrive in perfect condition and last longer than expected.

Flowers fresh-from-the-start

Flowers Dubai.net started with a farms of flowers in Dubai ,

Flowers fresh-from-the-field

At each one of our farms, employees and experts nurture the flowers from bud to blossom, ensuring only the best-of-the-best get picked for your bouquet.

Flowers directly to you

Once hand-picked, our flowers are delivered directly to you. Others take a longer route through brokers, middlemen and, finally, a florist's shop. By the time they reach the recipient, their best days are long gone.

Flowers with a smile

Flowers dubai.net employees have one job: to make sure you send or are sent the highest quality flowers. That's why when people order Flowers Dubai.net, they continue to come back. Never hesitate to call us if you have a problem.


Yesterday, I got a lovely bouquet of white and pink roses. They were really wonderful and very fresh.



You told me that red roses will penetrate the heart of the girl more than anything else if I want to apologize. Thank you



I just want to thank you for all the advises you put on the website just to help us and respond to our questions.



All my guests asked me yesterday from where I bought these lovely flowers. They adored them really.



My 15 years old sister enjoyed the arrangement made especially for her. She felt so special. Than you


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