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$88.00 | 64 Euro
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Flowers and roses are considered a nice plant and the most wonderful natural gift someone can send to another person that he loves or shows compassion to or needs to express his feelings. They are sent in many occasions we face in our daily life, and everyone appreciate this natural gift that comes from the heart in order to be as real as talking to each other, transparent like our souls and soft like us.


www.FlowersDubai.net is the site you should visit. It is where you will find a big variety of natural flowers and roses that will surely please you. Feel free to ask us whatever you want because we are 24 hours at your service. Flowers of Dubai need you as much as you need them. In a country like Dubai, fresh flowers are a must, that’s because their lovely scent and nice colors will make all of you feel better when it is really hot. In addition, Dubai flowers are planted with love, and they are been taken care of by specialists and experts all the time. This is the reason beyond our success and the success of our flowers. Dubai flowers can live longer than any other flowers, because they are treated differently. Consequently, you will benefit from us and from these flowers more than other flower shops in the whole world.

We have started our work many years ago; we are from the first flower shops in the market. Our large experience in this field helped us very much in accomplishing our mission that consists of guiding our clients to the right way, to the most beautiful arrangements, to fresh flowers that will bring joy to you homes, to the adequate kind of bouquets you should send, because each person has a different style and like things that are different from the others. So, there is a difference between a guy or a girl, a woman or a man, a child and an adult, someone single and someone married. We, Dubai flowers, are experts in communicating with people. Therefore, we know each person as much as he knows himself, so we can this way, be the reflection of his thoughts and ideas that he is shy to express. That’s why we tell you: “Don’t hesitate to communicate with us. We will be happy if you tell us what you exactly need and what you would like to do as special.”

Please note that our service is the best in this domain. We are awake 24 hours waiting for you and your orders. If someone has something in mind, and he does not find it in our website www.FlowersDubai.net ,andhe tells us; we will be more than happy and satisfied because this will guide us to be more successful and to stay at the top of the flower shops in the entire world. You will get Dubai flowers more than fresh, like you have just picked them from your outdoor small garden.


Yesterday, I got a lovely bouquet of white and pink roses. They were really wonderful and very fresh.



You told me that red roses will penetrate the heart of the girl more than anything else if I want to apologize. Thank you



I just want to thank you for all the advises you put on the website just to help us and respond to our questions.



All my guests asked me yesterday from where I bought these lovely flowers. They adored them really.



My 15 years old sister enjoyed the arrangement made especially for her. She felt so special. Than you


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